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Join Us April 12, 2022 at 1:00 PM EST!

Billions of dollars are flowing into state capitols, city halls and county executive offices. The historic infusion of cash to state and local governments represents a unique opportunity for innovation in infrastructure, technology, economic development and more. But how exactly will states, cities and counties use the money? What are they investing in long-term? And how are they tracking the effectiveness of new goods, programs and services for residents?

Join Route Fifty as our Follow the Money series shifts toward technology and modernization. The key to technological advancements is affordable and reliable access to broadband. Yet, many communities still are underserved or unserved. State and local governments across the nation are leveraging federal investments to bridge the digital divide. We’ll take a closer look at how federal funds from ARPA like the Capital Projects Fund and the Emergency Broadband Benefit Program are allowing state and local governments to invest in broadband like never before — and how the still-to-come funding from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act can further bolster those efforts.