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Tune into the fifth event of the series!

Billions of dollars are flowing into state capitols, city halls and county executive offices. The historic infusion of cash to state and local governments represents a unique opportunity for innovation in infrastructure, technology, economic development and more. But how exactly will states, cities and counties use the money? What are they investing in long-term? And how are they tracking the effectiveness of new goods, programs and services for residents? 

The influx of federal funds have created opportunities that allow state and local governments to revitalize aging infrastructure, improve public health systems, modernize government services,  and support small businesses amidst the uncertainty of the pandemic. 

Conversely, these historical investments also create an opportunity for acts of fraud, waste and abuse. As state and local governments continue to receive funds from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and Inflation Reduction Act, it’s imperative that state and local officials have the tools and information in place to avoid misuse of federal funds and ensure those funds are used for their intended purpose.  

Join Route Fifty for the next installment of our Follow the Money series as we explore how to prevent the misuse of federal funds, establish accountability, and create procedures that allow this influx of funding to be properly invested.