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Tune into the final event of the series!

Billions of dollars are flowing into state capitols, city halls and county executive offices. The historic infusion of cash to state and local governments represents a unique opportunity for innovation in infrastructure, technology, economic development and more. But how exactly will states, cities and counties use the money? What are they investing in long-term? And how are they tracking the effectiveness of new goods, programs and services for residents? 

Across the country, state and local governments have faced issues in recruiting and retaining talent. Lacking the resources and agility of the private sector, state and local governments struggle to be employers of choice. Funds from ARPA have allowed leaders to invest in programs that can jumpstart job training, hiring and worker retention programs. The funding has also allowed leaders to further develop equity programs that will strengthen diversity and inclusion efforts. But how do leaders navigate the use of one-time funding to solve a long term problem? How have these investments allowed state and local governments to reshape their approach to hiring and retention? And how will this lay the foundation for the future of the government workforce?

Join Route Fifty for the final installment of our Follow the Money series as we explore how federal funding is allowing leaders to tackle one of the greatest issues facing state and local governments.