Route Fifty State of the SLG Workforce - Agenda
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Summit Programming

Route Fifty Lab

Route Fifty Lab

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3:15 PM EDT

Wednesday, June 29


Route Fifty Lab

Editorial Speaker: Byron Decoteau, State Civil Service Director, State of Louisiana

Editorial Speaker: Tim Rahschulte, Executive Vice President, Professional Development Academy

Editorial Moderator: Alisha Powell Gillis, Senior Editor, Route Fifty


Exclusive Interactive Session for State and Local Employees:

The work environment continues to transform. Some workers have returned to the office full-time, while others remain remote or doing a combination. As state and local governments look to embrace hybrid work permanently, senior leaders are now faced with the question of how to effectively lead and manage a hybrid workforce. How do state and local government agencies provide a culture that is supportive and inclusive for all workers regardless of their work site? And how do state and local governments integrate best practices to ensure they are meeting the needs of their workers and the needs of their constituents? Join the inaugural Route Fifty Lab for this interactive experience on promising practices on how to create, nurture and lead a hybrid workforce.