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June 29, 2022 | 11:00-4:00 PM ET

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The American workforce is undergoing a monumental transformation. Driven largely by the Covid-19 pandemic, workers are undergoing a critical reassessment of where, how and why they work, leading them to make bold choices to transition out of jobs and industries they have been a part of for years. State and local government employers are feeling the strain of this volatile job market and are arguably struggling more than the private sector to recruit and retain talent.

Slow and out-of-date HR practices make it difficult to recruit talent. Limited ability to adjust salaries makes it difficult to retain employees. And since public sector employees are on average older than private sector employees, the first wave of Silver Tsunami retirements are further driving workers out of the public sector.  All this is happening at a time when stress and workloads are at all-time highs — and while public sector employers reimagine how to build a healthy and inclusive work environment as they embrace more hybrid and remote work options.

How can state and local government employers rise above the many challenges to become an employer of choice rather than a last resort? Join Route Fifty as we evaluate the state of the SLG workforce and explore what leaders are doing to retain employees, recruit new talent, create diverse and equitable work environments, improve the employee experience and work culture, and rebuild their workforces.